How your brain works

The brain can be in cost of performing all the actions of our own body, and is split up into a couple of hemispheres, your left side controls analytical believed as well as the right creative.

The complexity in our brain

The human brain will be composed of approximately 86 billion neurons, and also each along with every may form approximately 10,000 connections among them. Whereas the transmission of data exist in everyone of these connections, there are an enormous quantity of combinations associated with states that may occur in any kind of moment within the brain.

Our mind is actually traversed through electrical currents every millisecond, and the reality that the person watching a new video on the World wide web as well as listen to the voice of the narrator creates a storm regarding electrical currents within the brain in which lead to thoughts, emotions along with consciousness.

It might even seem magical, but it is not. Precisely what exists inside in our head can inteligente end up being a single complexity entire body upon planet Earth, and that in the chaos generated from the interaction regarding thousands electrical currents generates the ability of living within the world.

What usually contact the actual brain actually can be known as the brain, and the mind is simply one of its parts using the cerebellum and the brain stem. If the particular brain had been the wall, neurons along with glial cells could be the bricks.

different parts of your brain are involved in various biological functions, cognitive, sensory and also motor. Psychological capabilities are usually interlinked in the very complex way with the neural tissue. However there is actually certainly not necessarily only 1 region involved, as several human made involve the actual joint operation and simultaneously in numerous parts of the brain. Moreover, in the particular event of injury to a area, various other regions may resume features partially or perhaps completely impaired.

And to depart simply no doubt: unlike what is considered around, do certainly not use just 10% of our own brain. in fact, it is used almost completely as well as nearly all regarding the time.


The brain will be in a position to gather information and interpret each in the special means event. If, for example, the ball moves inside the space, the brain processes as a physical object having a spherical shape and moves in front of a field consisting of a particular color. Various Other parameters may be speed, as well as the emission involving sound. Just About All these aspects are processed in various locations of the mind which have to concatenate these data to create them the observed object, ie the moving ball.

The concept powering the concept of policronização provides specifically this context, the location exactly where the brain is able to make use associated with a finite quantity of cells in the method that will encodes your events in a way almost infinite.